OHANA Cat Nail Clipper Pet Nail Trimmer Cutter Scissors for Grooming for Cats Puppy Kitten Small Dogs Rabbits

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Why your pets want to trim the nail? Here are some harms of too long nails:
Χ may cause your pets uncomfort when walking even may cause slipping
Χ nails may break with a purpose to cause your pets hurt
Χ may germinate bacterium inside the nails and toes
Χ may stab into the paw pad and cause inflammation of toe
Χ may cause the willings of your pets to scratch the floor and other furniture
Χ may cause hurts to your families

Why Ohana’s nail clipper is better? Here are some advantages:
✅Save you more money and time – Ohana’s small pets nail clippers is super easy to operate,
no want to spend your precise money and time at the vet. Whenever your little one is in need of a claw care,
you’ll achieve the professional finish at home.
✅Great blades – Our clipper’s blades are made of prime quality stainless steel and
with professional heat remedy which let them own a higher hardness and durability,
so they cut very sharp and clean, will not break the nails.

How to cut? Here are some trimming methods for reference:
✅Finding out your pets nail by holding the sole stably and gently.
✅Observe the bloodline:
For transparent nails, you’ll find out the bloodline by backlighting method, pls don’t cut inside it when trimming.
For dark nails, we suggest to trim the nails bit by bit, do not cut too much at one time, then polish it with the file.
✅Polish: The use of the file to polish the sharp edge.

∇ If you cut the bloodline incidentally, pls press to the wound with styptic powder immediately,
then scrub with tincture of iodine to avoid the wound be infected.

✅Dimension – 95*65*7(mm), small and lightweight, easy for operation and carrying, perfect for all types of cats small dogs or rabbits and other small animals.
✅Protected and Efficient Blade – With the sharp and thick stainless steel blade, our nail clipper will give you a quick and clean cut. The polished alloy steel tool bit owns a higher hardness after the professional heat remedy, the cutting edge is sharper and the serving time is longer.
✅Anti-Slip Maintain – the Maintain is wrapped with durable soft TPR material and designed with several anti-slip slots, helps adding more friction when The use of and will not skid easily. And it has wide finger holes, easier for your operation.
✅Curved Headed – Ohana’s small pet clipper is specially designed with a curved blade head to make sure the security of you and your pets and will not injured incidentally by the tool bit.
✅Frequency for Trimming: Observe the nails every 2 weeks, then trim it according to the condition.