LpoieJun Dog Clippers, Low Noise Level Cordless Rechargeable Electric Pet Grooming and Trimming Clippers Kit, 4 Guide…

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LpoieJun Pet Grooming Clippers offers safer, more convenient, efficient and comfortable service for your dog, cat and other pets


★ Suitable for a wide variety of large, medium and small pets by dog grooming clippers

1. Suitable for poodle, golden retriever, bichon and other dogs by dog clippers. Cats, rabbits, puppies and adult dog can also be used.

2. Pet stylist at home. Pet hair trimmer is suitable for a wide variety of hair, such as curly, hairy, pilous, short-haired, long-haired one, etc.

★Blade head of dog clippers is secure, no hair clogging, easy to deal with the hair in the special position

1. Stainless steel blade matched with ceramic blade is sharp and durable without hair clogging. The round comers of the point of the blade for dog clippers can protect the hair and skin of your pet from injury.  

2. Pet clippers for dogs can easily deal with hair of face (around nose and eyes), feet (chinks on the soles of feet), buttocks (around anus), and ear (around ear and ear canal)

★Easy to operate and easy for beginners to operate at home with pet clippers for dogs

1. Push-style switch. Gently push, and you’ll be able to use for dog grooming. When the indicator light is red, charge the dog grooming clippers by USB cable.

2. Easy for beginners to operate. We specially prepare four guide comb of 3-6-9-12MM for beginners. Even supposing you have no trimming experience with dog clippers, don’t wish to worry about mistakes with the help of our manual.

 ★ Detachable washable blade head of dog clippers

Washable blade head can be washed easily without clogging. (After washing the pet clippers, please dry the blade head of pet clippers and drip the lubricating oil on it to reduce the loss of the blade head effectively)

【Suitable for a wide variety of cats and dogs with dog clippers】 Dog clippers is suitable for a wide variety of large, medium and small pets. Dog clippers can be used not only to trim cats, but also for dogs. We offer four guide combs. Even supposing you don’t have the experience of trimming hair, you’ll be able to easily trim curly, hairy, short-haired, long-haired dogs, cats, rabbits and other pets with pet hair trimmer. The hair of pet face, pet feet, pet buttock can also be trimmed by pet hair trimmer.
【1.5 hours fast charge 2 hours continuous and cordless use by pet hair trimmer】Built-in large-capacity lithium battery. Charging by USB charging cable for dog grooming. Convenient to be cordless use for pet owners. Can be charged quickly in 1.5 hours for 2-hour continuous use. Very convenient dog grooming.
【The motor of hair clippers has strong performance and low noise】Palladium-silver alloy motor is used for pet electric clippers for strong power. Q-SUS noise reduction technology with noise less than 60 decibels. The sound is quiet and the vibration is small. When you trim your pet by dog clippers, your pet will not be scared, which will help you trim your pet’s hair smoothly.
【Unique blade design to offer protection to pets from injury by dog clippers】Stainless steel blade with ceramic blade. The blade of dog clippers is sharp and durable, and you’ll be able to trim the pet hair smoothly. Dog clippers also produce less heat than most stainless steel blades. (please note that it is normal for the blade of dog clippers to get hotter after working for a even as. It is best to rest for a even as.). You don’t have to worry about hurting your pet with the round comers of the point of the blade .
【Purchase guarantee】Our pet clippers have a 12-month warranty and a 100% refund guarantee for 30 days. If there is any problem about dog grooming, we can get to the bottom of the problem in time through our highly efficient, friendly and responsive after-sales team.