KURI PAI® ecofriendly double ended dog lead for large dogs – black – 9 feet long – adjustable – multifunctional 3m long…

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What distinguishes the KURI PAI comfort dog leash from conventional leashes?

Most conventional leashes are made of nylon. Nylon is a synthetic fiber produced by chemical processes. The raw material is petroleum. You get the idea.

Viscose uses all natural and renewable raw materials as the starting product, so not only is your leash comfortable to hold, but also shows your love for the planet. So, in one word: BAMBOO!

Okay, you use bamboo so what? How will I know?

You’ll know The second one it touches your hands. Traditional nylon leashes made of nylon are cheap and hard to care for.  The second one your leash gets wet, good luck holding on. And if you own a BIG dog the strength of the pull can hurt your hands.

With the KURA PAI comfort dog leash, the material is a soft fiber, very similar to cotton. It feels GOOD to hold, and the material has more give, so when your big dog tries to pull away it doesn’t hurt your hands.

How reliable is the KURI PAI comfort dog leash?

Reliability is our #1 focus. Our goal is to sell you one leash, period. We hate having to replace leashes every couple of years, so our bamboo leashes are specially engineered to be as strong as conventional leashes, if not stronger. Our carabiners are made of metal, not aluminum, and you’ll marvel at the seamwork in the leash.

How can I use the KURI PAI comfort dog leash?

Our dog leash is very flexible and multifunctional. It may be adjusted to three different lengths: 4.9ft (150cm), 6.9ft (210cm) and 8.5ft (260cm) with the hand strap.

 You’ll be able to also attach two dogs to it at the same time. In case you are on the lookout for free hands when you walk the dog, the leash is also perfect as You’ll be able to hang it over your shoulder.
 More functions are: double leash, jogging leash, large leash, training leash, basic lead.

HIGH QUALITY. Dog leash made from solid and sustainable bamboo viscose and strong metal carabiner hook. Perfect for large and medium-sized dogs.
FLEXIBILITY. Over 9 feet long! Amazing flexibility thanks to the adjustable lengths (4 feet, 7 feet, 8.5 feet), can be utilized for any situation, whilst a dog harness, double leash for two dogs or jogging leash.
COMFORT. Because of the natural fibers these are extremely soft. Your hands will thank you for it.
INNOVATIVE. No more Nylon! We use a lightweight, sturdy, and innovative material which makes this dog lead a real premium product.
SUSTAINABLE. Bamboo is a great quality product and a renewable resource.