GoDoggie Pro Nail Clippers – Professional Grade 2-Piece Doggie Manicure Set, includes Nail Clippers & File for Salon…

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Are you looking for a professional grade dog nail clippers & file which are easy to use & provide salon-quality results?

Just like human nails, all dog nails grow constantly, some quickly, some slowly, & how incessantly they grow depends on breed, lifestyle, age, etc. We look after our nails & we must look after our dog’s nails. Long dog nails can cause painful paws & even poor posture & balance. Dogs can’t walk correctly when their nails are too long resulting in leg muscle strains & some long nails can even become ingrown, leading to infections & pain. It is important to to keep your dog’s nails well-trimmed & at the correct length.

As a dog owner, you want a premium quality dog nail clippers which are very sharp & easy to use. Blunt or poor quality dog nail clippers will split the nail. You also need a file for the best smoothest results. The clippers should be concave at the cutting edge to avoid crushing the nail.

The new GoDoggie Pro Nail Clippers & File is the ideal premium quality professional grade clippers to help you take care of your dog’s nails – a must-have for all dog owners. Super-sharp stainless steel concave blades, spring-loaded, easy & efficient to use, soft-grip comfy handles for control & precision, including a file for salon-grade results.

One Size: For Small, Medium & Large Dogs

✅ 1 x GoDoggie Pro Nail Clippers
✅ 1 x GoDoggie Nail File

The GoDoggie Pro Nail Clippers transform how quick & easy it is to clip your dog’s nails & provide a salon-quality doggie nail cutting.

Guarantee: 100% money back no-questions-asked Lifetime Guarantee – so order now with complete peace of mind & no risk.

✅ Also an ideal gift item for any dog owner if your are looking for premium quality presents at a very reasonable price.

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✅ PROFESSIONAL GRADE PREMIUM QUALITY DOGGIE MANICURE SET – including the latest design dog nail clippers & a large file for quicker smoother results, the GoDoggie Pro Nail Clippers & File set is among the most effective premium quality dog nail clippers currently available on Amazon. Also an ideal gift item for any dog owner if your are looking for premium quality presents at a very reasonable price.
✅ SUPER SHARP SPRING-LOADED BLADES & A LARGE NAIL FILE FOR SALON-QUALITY RESULTS – The GoDoggie Pro Nail Clippers have prime quality super-sharp stainless steel blades, spring-loaded to help ensure efficient & smooth cuts. The nail clippers are very quick & easy to use, so you clip with confidence, & the larger nail file can be used to ensure no rough or sharp edges after cutting, just smooth professional salon-quality results.
✅ SOFT-GRIP COMFY ERGONOMIC NON-SLIP HANDLES – The GoDoggie Pro Nail Clippers have rubber-coated comfy soft-grip handles allowing maximum control & safety. This means you’ll grip the clippers firmly, they don’t slip, & you have optimum control for more precise, accurate & efficient dog nail trimming.
✅ INNOVATIVE DESIGN & LONG-LASTING SHARPNESS – efficient, lightweight, strong, durable, rust-proof & engineered to deliver long-lasting sharpness & results with only the best prime quality materials & components.
✅ FULL 100% MONEY-BACK LIFETIME GUARANTEE – providing confidence, complete peace of mind & no risk, the GoDoggie Pro Nail Clippers & File come with a Full No Questions Asked Money-Back Lifetime Guarantee. We are confident in our products & we stand by them. If you don’t seem to be 100% satisfied, simply return the product & receive a full refund by contacting our UK Customer Services Team on Freephone 03333014569.