Dog Security Spit-Out Collar Size Large (Rottweiler), Handmade in Sweden – Safe, and easy to use Price: £7.69 (as of 22/06/2022 06:41 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping. Details


It works by stimulating the vomiting reflex (throwing up from stomach). This collar is a pain-free alternative to teach the dog to release the bite on command.

It works well in spite of fact that the dog is in drive or in strong positive stress, e.g., very committed to attack the helper he’s transporting.

When the Spit-Out collar is used (bringing “unpleasantness”), the dog’s vomiting reflex is stimulated. Instructions for the use of the Spit-Out collar The collar is put far forward on the neck, in front of the “Adamís apple.” Then one tightens the collar so it stays on place.

Note: do not tighten too much, because if a dog is in drive and barks on the helper, this can also stimulate the vomiting reflex. Tighten only so the collar stays in the suitable place. Hand made in our saddlery in Arlöv, Sweden. Prime quality work and material used. Black color.

Product developed and manufactured in Sweden by Dog Security.
Spit-Out Collar XS Handmade in Sweden.
Prime quality work and material used.
Secure, top of the range and easy to make use of
Black color.