Trixie 32022 Chess, 40x 27 cm, multicolored (blue / white) Price: £9.99£16.53 (as of 09/04/2023 06:11 PST- Details)

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Size Name:Training Level 1  |  Style Name:Gambling Tower, Level 1

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There are many toys in the marketplace for dog with many aims. They activity toys, then again, are a little different. They aren’t for chewing purpose, chasing or fetching they are for learned and concentration. Dogs have very active minds and continuously need more than physical stimulation to stay active. So by providing them with a strategy game they have to be told you’ll be teaching them a whole new skill. It can take them some time to determine keeping them entertained for much longer than other standard toys. All activity toys will have to be used with care, you know your dog best and what his abilities are.

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Each order comes with 1 x Trixie Dog Activity Gambling Tower, 25 cm × 27 cm

sturdy, suitable for all dogs
stimulates the mind keeps dogs active for longer, helps with concentration
easy to use, then again dog may want to be guided and helped to start with, use your best judgement all dogs are different


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