2019 Magic Nails Pets Cutter Pet Nail Clipper, Dog Nail Trimmer and Toenail Clippers, Pet Nail Scissor Great for Cats…

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Great For Both Cats & Dogs

Because it has a light that the nail as well as a magnifier, to you’ll want to cut as it should be every time you cut your pets nails.

Designs and Features

– The Protected Easy Way To Trim Your Pet’s Nails
– Invented by pet lovers with the help of veterinarians
– Super-bright LED light the nail for Protected grooming
– 5X the magnification & doubles as a nail trapper for the clippings
– Quick-clip precision hardened steel blade trims with ease
– Ergonomically designed non-slip handles are strong,lightweight,and comfortable.
Trimming Tip

– Before cutting, make sure that the LED switch is switched to either the ON or the TRIGGER position. This will help identify the quick of the nail clearly.

– on light/colored nails.

LED lights the cutting area to help see even as cutting. On light and medium colored nails, the LED will also help illuminate the pet’s quick to better identify the proper cutting location. For dark nails, the LEDs may not be powerful enough to see the quick.

– Hold the trimmer the use of your dominant hand with the upper handle in your palm. Squeeze the handle a couple of times to get a feel for how the trimmer works. It is very important squeeze firmly and rapidly without hesitation for best results.

– When the use of the trimmer, insert the pet’s nail through the fixed circular blade into the clipping zone.

While trimming your pet’s nails, you’ll want to do not cut in to the quick of the nails.Use an abrupt, snapping motion even as trimming. If your dog has dark nails and you’ll’t see the quick, cut a little at a time. When you see a white ring with a small black center, stop.


– Do not use for other purpose with the exception of for pets.
– Keep beyond children’s touch.

Package Include:
– 1 x Professional Pets Nail Trimmer

1. It emphasizes to offer a comfortable grip with a Quick Clip feature ❤that trims the nail with its precision-honed razor sharp blades Another amazing useful feature is its Nail Trapper that traps the nail for easy disposal later It has a nail trapper so you do not have to clean up nails trimmings off the floor and off your clothes
2.Ultra-bright LED lights illuminate the exact blood lines of light-colored nails❤ allowing you to trim in the right position!
3.It assures that unlike painful nail trimmers it ❤illuminates the nail and shows the vein under it with its super-bright LED light for precise trimming
4.Precision cutting blade❤ made of hardened steel, the blade can cut nails quickly without causing pain!
5.The magnifying glass of 5 times magnifies the nail❤ and doubles as a nail catcher, which helps to grasp the nail clipper and facilitate cleaning!